Lee's Guns in Hillsdale, KS - Rifles for sale and trade

Lee's Guns carries a variety of new and used rifles ranging from old fashioned 22 rifles to new tactical 22 rifles. We also have high power hunting rifles, competition rifles, and an assortment of AR15 / M4 style rifles.

Due to the current political state of our country it is impossible to keep any normal stock levels. We are still making every effort to stock only quality products at reasonable prices and we have many of our normal products on backorder, but in the mean time we are ordering anything we can. As a result our stock is changing daily. It is not and never has been our intent to be an online retailer so these changes are not reflected on this website. You must email us or visit our store if you are looking for something particular. When we recieve HOT items we will send out notification via our email newsletter, so make sure you are signed up for that.